Toomas Toots, CEO Freqmedia Estonia

Toomas Toots is the CEO of Freqmedia, an Estonian media analysis company. Describing comments he made to the conference, he says the Estonian blogosphere has shrunk by 25% in volume in the last 12 months, from its peak in 2009, however, he says this may not be a bad thing as many ‘me too’ bloggers have fallen by the wayside, leaving a hard core of those with something interesting to say – that the signal to noise ratio has improved. His company has also published for the first time a profile of the average or typical Estonian blogger – she’s in her early twenties and is called Triin. Whereas Estonian men blog during the day, Triin blogs at night. Toomas was just revealing this when a power cut plunged us into darkness, forcing a dramatic end to the interview. Spooky! Toomas can be contacted via


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