Janno Siimar sums it up …

Janno Siimar, Creative Director of the Velvet Creative Alliance, a high-profile business incubator and creative workshop in Tallinn. Referring to the observation by Skype’s Peter Parkes, during the Blogfest, Janno points out that companies don’t blog – people do. Hailing the 2009 Tallinn Blogfest a great success, he summarises the main issues raised.


Villu Otsmann

Villu Otsmann is a commercial lawyer based in Tallinn with a special interest in media law, especially as it relates to social networking and large-scale internet businesses such as Ebay and FaceBook. (in Estonian)

Hans Luik

Hans Luik is a well-known Estonian media entrepreneur with major shareholdings in newspapers, magazines and internet services. (in Estonian)

Kristjan Otsmann

Kristjan Otsmann is a management consultant and coach based in Tallinn. (in Estonian)

João Lopes Marques, Tallinn-based Portuguese novelist, blogger

João Lopes Marques, Tallinn-based Portuguese novelist, blogger and columnist for the Eesti Ekspress and The Baltic Times, talks of his initial skepticism of the blogosphere, and his eventual embrace of both blogging and twitter as valuable professional tools.

Marianne Mikko, journalist & former Estonian MEP

Marianne Mikko, Journalist & former MEP for Estonia, talks about the power of blogging and the responsibilities of bloggers to think before they blog and be accurate in what they write …

Andrea Vascellari, CEO iTive Oy (Finland)

Andrea Vascellari, CEO iTive Oy (Finland)