Arno Pae, Head of Strategy, OMD Estonia

OMD Estonia is a division of OMD Worldwide, specialists in media marketing, which has more than 140 office in 80 countries. Arno says he advises his clients that there is an important role for social media in the mix of communication channels he offers, but that they are not equivalent to regular traditional advertising and marketing. For a start, there is a strong requirement for the seller to engage with the buyer before, during and after a sale. The payoff for this effort is frank (and free) feedback which could allow the seller to improve the product or service they are marketing, and thereby steal an advantage over their competitors. They can also gain valuable insights into who their customers are and what motivates them in purchasing one product over another, similar one. This is the kind of information which usually costs a company significant expenditure on market research. Arno can be contacted via