Kaidi Kerdt, Sommelier and Communications Manager, Veinisõber OÜ

If you didn’t know, a sommelier is a trained and knowledgeable wine professional. Veinisõber is a small Estonian company (just 4 employees) selling fine wines to connoisseurs and trying, almost single-handedly, to educate a new generation of Estonians in the pleasures of plonk, there being little in the way of a wine-drinking tradition, so far North of the grape producing regions of Europe. Kaidi Kerdt established the company’s Facebook site in September 2009 and claims that, in less than a year, her customer base has expanded by 5,000 – a major development for such a small company. She also says most of her Facebook clients are women. Kaidi believes her success is because of the quality and quantity of free advice and information she gives – around the clock! You can contact Kaidi via www.veinisober.ee